Panel Cabins

Assemble your own timber building in just one day! Every component is a part of a panel to eliminate pieces and the high cost of labor. The panels are constructed of wooden channels into which the panel pieces fit tightly. The inside of the panel is rustic knotty pine providing charm and a cozy, warm feeling. The outside of the panel has the natural wood log look.

The panels are easily assembled, with high-grade screws, to make walls in four foot increments to the desired length. Any type of floor system may be sued with the panels. The roof is also in panels for ease of construction. The panels give the charm and elegant appearance of the open beam ceiling with select knotty pine decking.

If the building needs to be moved after construction it is easy to do so by removing the screws and disassembling it. The panels may be fastened together and reassembled after being moved to the new location.


12' Kit
16' Kit
20' Kit
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Assembly - Putting up the building is a simple and unique process. Each panel is fastened to another panel with high-grade screws which have a special coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Each wall panel is numbered to correspond with a diagram in the instructions. The roof panels are all the same to prevent confusion during assembly. The complete building can be assembled with a screw gun, a level, a hammer and a chalk line. For some buildings the doors and windows are installed in the panels at the factory.


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